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Easily navigate your muddiest job sites with Versa-drill’s compact, all-wheel drive geothermal rigs. Keep everything mounted on the rig’s deck to make it easier to pick up and move quickly—no dragging, moving or unloading attachments.

Versa-Drill’s lineup of lightweight geothermal drill rigs offer fast feed systems to help you get in and out. We design reliable, low-maintenance and powerful rigs that consistently outperform the competition. Put our equipment to the test on your next geothermal drilling project.

  • All-wheel-drive chassis with automatic transmissions

  • Up to 100,000 lbs pullback

  • Multiple centrifugal and mud pump options

  • Up to 1070 cfm/350 psi air compressors

  • Optional hands-free automated rod handling

Geothermal Drilling