Mud Puppy

Drilling Fluid Cleaning System for Solids Control and Mud Filtration


“Recycles the mud and dumps the crud”. Extend the life of your drilling equipment by managing harsh solids in your borehole fluid. Similar to the Versa-Drill Mud Manager, Mud Puppy units are 3-in-1 solids control, mud filtration and drill fluid cleaning systems. Each unit runs on its own power and attaches to your rig via a simple trailer hitch.

Versa-Drill is an authorized dealer of all Mud Puppy units and parts. To view the full catalog of Mud Puppy models, visit tibban.com.

Mud Puppy 1 Square@2x.png
Mud Puppy 4 Square@2x.png
Mud Puppy 3 Square@2x.png
Mud Puppy 2 Square@2x.png