100 years strong

Beemer Companies celebrated 100 years with a hard-earned anniversary gift—a brand new water well and geothermal drilling rig

Beemer Companies’ Versa-Drill V-140, mounted on 2016 Peterbilt

Beemer Companies’ Versa-Drill V-140, mounted on 2016 Peterbilt


Five generations ago, Beemer Companies was founded as a small water well drilling operation. Today, it has expanded to become one of the most well-known names in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

The company offers well repair, on-site sewer septics, civil/earth moving and sewer/water underground—providing service for homeowners, agriculture, municipalities, engineers, and developers. The team’s biggest strength is their ability to provide a wide range of technical services for a complete site development package

Recently, for their 100th anniversary, the Beemer team decided to invest in a new drilling rig. They shopped around with different dealers, and eventually settled on a powerful but compact water well and geothermal drilling rig—a Versa-Drill V-140.

For our 100th anniversary, we wanted to step the game up in our drilling division. We looked at the different rig companies and we ended up going with Versa-Drill as our top choice. The biggest factors in that decision were their support staff, the number of rigs that they have in the industry versus the competitors, and the economics of the rig. I drilled the first well with it with both of my kids scooping and my grandpa, dad and brother all there.

We don’t have to do as much work with this rig—but we do have to shovel a lot more, because we can cut a lot more holes in a day.”

-Guy Beemer, Owner

In the water systems industry, quick response time is critical. When the water main for a local community breaks or when their livestock are out of water, Beemer Companies is committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done and get them back up and going in a timely manner. The team’s new V-140 is faster and more efficient, enabling Beemer crews to get the job done quickly.

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional job performance and quality.

- Beemer Companies website

In addition to quality and efficiency, Guy Beemer is committed to the safety of his crews out on the job. His company offers regular safety training for its employees, including training that is above and beyond what is required by OSHA.

Since even the best training can’t protect crew members from all accidents, rig features like automatic rod handling and built-in carousels reduce operators’ contact with moving rig parts and protect drillers from injury. Better engine emission profiles also mean fewer harmful fumes, reducing exposure for operators and the communities they serve.

Congratulations Beemer Companies on 100 years of dedicated service and congratulations on your new drill rig!

Maddy Pimentel