Breathing new life into a 40-year-old company

A new V-125 water well drilling rig, freshly painted and ready for the road

A new V-125 water well drilling rig, freshly painted and ready for the road


Chris Maurer is the owner of Bohs Well Drilling — a rapidly-growing water well business based out of Elkhart Indiana. Chris and his brother purchased the company from Bob Bohs in 2017 and have spent the last year and a half working to update the equipment, improve the customer experience and train a world-class team. Their parent company, Maurer Well Service, has been in the family now for two generations; and as new locations are incorporated, they work hard to maintain the mentality and service level of a family-owned business.

“Our father started this company servicing wells out of an old family pick-up truck in ‘69… It has been over 40 years now, and we don’t have the old pick-up truck anymore; but we still pride ourselves on having excellent service, fast response times and the highest quality materials at the best prices.”

- Maurer Well Service website

Until last year, the Maurer brothers had always relied on Schramm and Simco rigs. “But when we bought this company,” Chris said, “they had a Versa-drill, and those guys loved it.”

While still in operational condition, the existing rig was a ‘98, and the company was due for an update. After examining three of four rigs from different dealers, the new owners settled on a Versa Drill V-125 water well rig. The difference has been night and day. Most notably, the new rig is faster and more powerful. It also holds more pipe and has a longer tool rod.

“The truck is just remarkable, and the guys really like it. They’re getting used to it. I’ll be honest, they were afraid of it at first, just because of its sheer size. It stands almost fourteen feet, and the other one was only eleven and a half. As far as it’s capability … I almost want to say the sky’s the limit for what we do. It’s a good unit.”

- Chris Maurer, Owner, Bohs Well Drilling

A new rig is always a big investment, and, as new customers, the Maurer brothers have been impressed and relieved at the level of service they have received from the Versa-drill team. “It’s still a family business and that means a lot,” Chris explains. “Every time we’ve called for service or anything, the team has just been outstanding.”

Chris and his crew have been lucky to have a solid client base, drilling over 300 wells a year on a single truck. The trickiest part about jump-starting a new company, he says, is keeping up  with escalating manpower and equipment demands. Having working equipment and capable team members to respond to a growing number of client calls is important for sustained growth. Chris attributes most of the company’s recent success to his team of drillers and their “fantastic” office staff.

When the Maurer brothers assumed ownership of Bohs Well Drilling, they went searching for team members and equipment capable of holding up and handling the demands of a rapidly growing company in a rugged industry. Luckily for them, they found both.

Versa-drill V-125X rig
Versa-drill V-125X side view
Versa-drill V-125X extended
Versa-drill V-125X Control Panel
Versa-drill V-215X front view
Versa-drill V-125X rear view

Maddy Pimentel