A decades-old partnership, grounded in good faith

One Florida driller explains his company’s philosophy — investing in people and investing in good equipment.


“Versa-Drill has been a hell of a partner for us. We bought nine rigs from them.”

H20 Systems provides well drilling, pumps, water treatment systems and lawn irrigation to Southwest Florida residents. Forty-five employees strong, the company is run out of Cape Coral by the Evenson brothers, who describe their business in one sentence: “We take care of our people.” 

The Evenson brothers began buying Versa-Drill (then Laibe Corp.) rigs in 1996, when they made the switch from another dealer based out of Oklahoma. Tom Evenson explains, “Versa-Drill was just way better. And the machines are lot more modern — their rigs are 6x6, so you’re not getting stuck. We get in the sites and we can go to work without playing games.”

Over the last two decades Tom’s team has purchased nine new Versa-Drills, slowly replacing their entire fleet. “I’ve been at this a long time”, he said. After 25+ years in the industry, he knows what he wants — and what he doesn’t — in a rig. 

They’ve been a wonderful company to work with, and it’s been a great team effort all the way around. They’re good people, and that’s it really in a nutshell. They’re just good people. Other manufacturers have approached us, but we didn’t think twice, my brothers and I. We went straight to Versa-Drill. … Because if it’s not broke, we don’t fix it.

- Tom Evenson, H20 Systems

The team at H20 systems works hard to provide honest, high-quality service to the families in their community. And since 1996, the Versa-Drill team has been behind them every step of the way.

Maddy Pimentel