Well worth the investment

To do a job right, every driller needs three things: good people, good product in the ground and good equipment.

These Indiana drillers purchased a new water well rig this year, and they have been more than happy with its performance.

These Indiana drillers purchased a new water well rig this year, and they have been more than happy with its performance.


For three generations, the team from Sheehy Well and Pump have worked, raised families and helped to build their community in Cedar Lake, Indiana—providing safe and reliable sources of water and investing heavily in local organizations. Shannon Sheehy says candidly, “We like to treat people the way we would treat them if we were working for our grandmother.”

When it was time to replace their previous rig, the Sheehy team began the search for a new piece of equipment. A new drill rig is a big investment for any company, and they knew this purchase could make or sink their business. After some deliberation, the Sheehy family settled on a Versa-Drill V-125.

Tom Sheehy explains,

I’d seen these rigs out before. There are Versa-Drills everywhere around here, and they seem to have longevity. I talked to a couple of guys who had them; and they really liked them."


Their new rig is more fuel efficient, and Tom has been surprised by the user-friendliness of the control panel. The V-125’s intuitive operation has made his most recent project—training a second operator—much easier.

In addition to the rig itself, the Sheehy team also purchased two new attachments: a Mud Manager system and an air hose line. The Mud Manager™ speeds up the drilling process and saves a lot of work for the drillers helper, freeing him to keep going on other parts of the process. The second attachment gives Tom and his team the option to drill with air, a capability they didn’t have previously, but one that has saved money and made things a lot nicer for his crew. 

Shannon Sheehy, co-owner with siblings and cousins Tom, Dustin, Brienne and Todd, says both were well worth the investment. In her words:

In order for us to be proud of the work we do, it’s important to have good people; it’s important to put good product in the ground; and it’s important to have the right equipment. We had the first two things—and we’d had them for quite a while. Getting this rig put the third piece in place ... The first time I saw that piece of equipment, the new Versa-Drill, go down the road, I had to take a moment and sit down ... It was a proud moment for all of us."

Maddy Pimentel