A standard of excellence four generations in the making

Friedel Drilling Co. has been offering well drilling, pump installation and water treatment systems to Texas residents for over 70 years.

Image Source:    The Victoria Advocate

Image Source: The Victoria Advocate

You learn a lot after four generations in the business, and it shows in the quality of the work the Friedel Drilling team provides. When asked what makes the business so successful, Kenneth Friedel said humbly, “We’ve been here a long time and we do good work.” Kenneth is a co-owner of Friedel drilling with his mother Marjorie and brother Clayton.

The company currently operates seven drill rigs and employs over 50 people. They pride themselves on top-of the-line equipment, and this year the team purchased its first Versa-Drill: a water well and geothermal V-140.

“I’ve had other top drives and other rigs, but they just didn’t seem to hold up in the Texas heat. The Versa-Drill seems so far to be doing an excellent job, and my men in the field prefer the Versa-Drill over the other rigs that we have. We have multiple brands of rigs, and they take the Versa-Drill when they have the option.”

- Kenneth Friedel, Co-Owner

The Friedels had been looking to buy a Versa-Drill for several years, but due to the upfront cost went with cheaper models from other dealers. “The Versa-Drill was more of an upfront cost,” Kenneth explained, “but so far it’s been a really good investment for the company.”

A good driller knows that the right equipment can make a world of difference, but in the end equipment only half the story. Friedel Drilling’s team of state-licensed drillers and pump installers prove their caliber every day out on the job. They have earned a reputation as a crew with outstanding customer service and work hard to ensure that every client has a dependable source of water for years to come.

Thank you for your business Friedel Drilling Co.! We’re glad you’re enjoying your new rig.

Maddy Pimentel