A vehicle as dependable as the team it serves

Graber’s Well Drilling Inc. purchased their first Versa-Drill this year, and it’s helped them out of some tight spots.

Graber’s new water well and geothermal drilling rig—a Versa-Drill V-140X

Graber’s new water well and geothermal drilling rig—a Versa-Drill V-140X


Graber’s Well Drilling is a family-owned business dating back three generations. Darryl Graber and his team of skilled technicians provide premier well and pump services to both residential and commercial clients in LaGrange County, Indiana.

This spring, when the drill rig they’d relied on for over 20 years became inoperable, Graber replaced it with a brand-new Versa-Drill V-140X. One of the toughest problems his team faces is getting their equipment in and out of small, uneven lots—and this new drill has been perfect for the job. “It looks like a big rig but it’s actually pretty compact,” he said. “And it’s an all wheel drive vehicle, which helps us get in and out of places quite a bit.”

The friendly technicians on Graber’s team work around the clock to make sure their customers are taken care of, even dispatching rigs on weekends when they’re needed. “Most competitors in our area don’t want to do work on a weekend, but if someone calls us and is out of water on a Saturday, we dispatch a team and take care of them,” he explained.


A reliable rig is vital to his  business, and so far he’s been impressed. In addition to the maneuverability of the V-140X, Graber likes the user-friendly control panel, and appreciates that the rig’s carousel means he doesn’t have to touch any of the rods on the rack when switching between jobs:

They’ve built a wonderful piece of equipment, and I’ve had no problems when I’ve called back and talked to the parts guys. They’re all really accommodating. It was a good purchase for us.”

Maddy Pimentel