A new way to drill

Keith Graham and his team own one of the first top-head-drive rigs in the South.


Pittman Pump Service and Well Drilling in Pearson, GA is owned by Keith Graham. Graham and his team use their newly purchased Versa-Drill V-125 on a wide spectrum of drilling jobs, from commercial projects to residential and irrigation wells.

The Pittman crew operates in a very volatile area, and one of their biggest challenges is lost circulation of drilling fluid. When drilling fluid is diverted into a geological formation beneath the surface and does not return up the annulus, it can cause serious consequences, including damage to drilling equipment.

“When you lose circulation on a table rig, all you can do is pull straight up. You can’t turn the turntable, because your kelly bar is sitting in the rack,” Graham explains. “The rig I bought is a top head drive, so if I lose circulation, I can go get my rods and be turning them all the time, getting them out.”

Since purchasing his new rig, Graham has kept in close contact with the Versa-Drill team, referring drillers from surrounding cities Gainsborough and Vidalia. He adds:

Drillers in the South are scared of top-head drive. I’ve got one of the first. And now they’ve come and looked at it a little bit and said, “Oh man, I like that.”
Maddy Pimentel