A standardized fleet built for versatility

BDC is a water well drilling contractor based in Western Australia. The company purchased their first Versa-Drill 10 years ago.



Prior to purchasing the V-2095 EXP rigs,” says General Manager Bill Gardner, “we hadn’t found a rig that was versatile enough to cover our broad spectrum of drilling services; so it was not possible to have a standardised rig fleet. We often developed and manufactured our own equipment to meet the demands of our clients.”

BDC services mining, agricultural, industrial and town water supply sectors across Australia. Every project is unique—and until recently, different jobs required different rigs.

In the last ten years, BDC has purchased four identical V-2095 EXP models. Their newly standardized fleet has been delivering large-diameter, deep bores in the extreme conditions of the Pilbara region of Western Australia for over 6 years on a 12-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week schedule.

The reliability of these rigs is unmatched by any other drill rig on the market,” says Gardner.

The Versa-Drill rigs have allowed BDC to offer services across all sectors with a rig package designed for challenging projects in a mobile, compact platform.

At BDC, we pride ourselves on offering the most reliable, fully equipped drilling packages in Australia. Front and centre of our drilling fleet are our three Versa-Drill V 2095 EXP rigs, manufactured to our specifications by Laibe Corp in the USA. These heavy top head drive rigs are undoubtedly the most reliable, productive and safe rigs operating in the Australian water well market.”http://bdc.com.au/equipment/