A relationship built on trust

Raymer Water Wells provides groundwater solutions for farmers, homeowners and businesses—and they rely heavily on Versa-Drill’s lineup of drill rigs for their toughest well jobs.


Raymer Company has been in the water supply business for more than a century, pioneering innovative drilling techniques with cutting-edge equipment to serve populations in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Today, their Michigan-based team uses three Versa-Drill rigs daily: the V-100, the V-100NG, and a new V-140X.

One of our longest-standing customers, Raymer Water Wells has developed a close partnership with the Versa-Drill team. Jim Neubecker, the company’s vice president, says, “We’ve been dealing with Versa-Drill a long time, and they’re just good, friendly people to work with. They’ve got the parts and support when you need it.”


Neubecker explained that the three things Raymer employees appreciate most about their Versa-Drill rigs are reliability, maneuverability and ease of operation. They also love the attention paid to the operator’s comfort, and the “low-to-no down time” our rigs exhibit.